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What is "First Party Medical Expense" on an Auto Policy?

Updated: May 13, 2022

First Party Medical Expense coverage covers expenses for medical and doctor bills, surgery, ambulance fees, hospital fees, professional nursing, funerals, dental services, and even prosthetic devices needed due to injuries that occur while occupying or getting into or out of your vehicle (doesn’t need to be an “accident”). This is independent of your health insurance! Often it will pay all of your medical expenses, other times it will cover your entire deductible for the year, with no money out of pocket.

I know a gentleman who was getting out of his truck and slipped on ice in his driveway, breaking his leg. His Auto insurance policy's Medical Expense payments covered his ride to the hospital, the orthopedist setting his bone, his cast and most of his physical therapy!

Don't cheap out on this coverage! I see SO many policies from other agencies or online insurnace companies written with NO (or minimal) Medical Expense coverage, and can't understand WHY. The coverage itself is very affordable, and even maxing it out tends to add just a few dollars a month onto your payment. Check YOUR policy today, and if you DON'T have Medical Payments or Medical Expense coverage, give us a call!

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